Customs Fees

If the shipping location is not within the United States, you are automatically considered an importer. This means the package will likely be held in customs upon its arrival in your country, waiting for you to pay the duty and taxes due.
USA/Canada For shipments to the USA and Canada, there will not be any customs fees.
Australia/New Zealand  Customs costs in Australia and New Zealand may amount to up to 20-30%.
Europe - Made to Order dresses: No customs costs are due at delivery.
- Ready to Ship: For EU shipments, customs costs are due at delivery and may incur up to 30-40%.
- Accessories: customs costs are due at delivery and may incur up to 30-40%.
United Kingdom Customs charges for UK shipments must be paid upon delivery and could amount to as much as 20-30%.
Other countries Customs costs may incur due at delivery.

Olivia Bottega shall not be held accountable for any customs costs incurred. Refusal to pay such charges at delivery will lead to a $100 penalty fee that will be deducted from any applicable refund.

As customs regulations differ from country to country, we advise you to contact your local customs office for further information. To proceed with the payment, please contact your local courier or, if offered, proceed with online payment.