Best 15 Midi Wedding Dresses and Short Length Gowns For Modern Bride – Olivia Bottega
Best 15 Midi Wedding Dresses and Short Length Gowns For Modern Bride

Best 15 Midi Wedding Dresses and Short Length Gowns For Modern Bride

The fall season always comes in with a bittersweet expectation. At some point you are excited for a hot cocoa home sweater mood, but you do not want to say bye to the summertime yet and to all the fun. 

In the bridal world, however, when seasons change, it is only romantic and essential for the couple to plan their ceremony in the early fall or a later, closer to winter season. Wherever you are planning your wedding, we highly recommend considering these very gorgeous mini and midi wedding dresses for your special day. 

Because even in the colder season there can be numerous circumstances when you can look amazing and not get too cold, and our sparkly and silky soft dresses will definitely keep you happy. 

We have collected the most beautiful mini and midi wedding dresses for your eyes only, and of course we are going to represent 12 best options for your wedding. 

Midi & classic wedding dresses: 

Midi wedding dress or a classic wedding dress means that the base of the dress is inspired by never going out of style classic silhouette, or classic details, combined with fashionable perception, glitters or something else that makes the dress unforgettable, and of course a trendy midi length - just above the ankle line, for the most minimalist and stylish brides. 

1. Cameron Dress


The very classic, that never goes out of style, is silky and glamorous, inspired by 60’s perfectly white wedding dress. In midi length this gown will make you feel superior, thanks to its off-the-shoulder twisted in a semi sweetheart cut top, and a lush creased midi length skirt. This dress has that old money energy, and will look absolutely glorious in an old hotel, or in a fancy restaurant venue. 

2. Ramona

Radiant and glorious - Ramona midi wedding dress. Plunging neckline to reveal your decollette in a very sexy and stunning way, transparent long sleeves made from glitter tulle, and the lush skirt made in a ballgown manner but cut in a midi length - this combination of things is truly precious, the whole dress is very glistening and gorgeous, for you to shine brighter than the fresh dew on petals, after the sunrise.

3. Soul

Soul midi wedding dress is a great and charming way to celebrate your love union. Gorgeous off-the-shoulder straps and a semi sweetheart top looks extremely glamorous, considering the difference in the fabric between the corset and the skirt, the whole dress looks balanced out, very stylish. Covered with glitter this dress will make your eyes and dreams glisten as bright as the full moon and stars in the darkest night, so gorgeous and very unique. 

4. Monro

Monro wedding dress looks like it was inspired by butterfly’s wings, very airy and delightfully charming. Covered in murals made of sequins, the semi sweetheart top is colored in beige, to create an illusion of glistening sequins on your bare skin, very romantic. The skirt also follows the mural pattern, reminiscent of a river in the hills, wild, free and mighty. 

5. Heist Midi

And the last but not least of top 5 gorgeous midi wedding dresses for your celebration, comes the Heist midi dress. Held by spaghetti straps, the delicate and subtle V-neck turns into a gorgeous shiny a-line skirt in midi length. Added by a beautiful pearly and beady waistline band, this dress is saying with its whole idea that the bride wearing it is delicate, sophisticated and very romantic at her core. 

Short & mini wedding dresses

Short and mini wedding dresses usually follow a very short line, somewhere between the hips or thighs, a very sexy and bold option for bravest of the brides. Short wedding dress is a stylish way of saying that this bride knows her worth and is never scared of showing off her best parts.  

6. Rakel

Rakel wedding dress is a pure essence of style and glory, spaghetti straps, semi transparent parts on the corset, semi-sweetheart cutout and a very lush shiny skirt. Reminiscent of a ballerina dress, Rakel will look good on any occasion, whether it is your own wedding, if you wish to be a bright bridesmaid or just any sort of gala you wish to attend. 

7. Dixie 2 

We literally can't get over this mini Dixie 2 dress. Perfect bow straps, all in softest and pearly silver mikado fabric, playful and lush mini skirt. This dress looks absolutely stunning, and the corset... Like a dream come true.

8. Tofa

Satin and a bow with ribbons, these things are perfect for a wedding. Short wedding dress is something every modern day bride should consider, minimalist with a twist - it is really beautiful. Open back and a v-neck with thick straps, added by a very delicate and sexy bow on the back, just put it on and enjoy how the ribbons turn into a delicate train. Open arms will allow you to dance and enjoy yourself all night long. 

Milana dress is made with thick straps and a semi-sweetheart top, in the best fashion imaginable. Playful lush skirt and a revealing in style length, show off your silky smooth skin in a short wedding dress. Gentle waistline and puffy skirt create the idea of a perfect hourglass shape, a very brilliant and expensive look. 

10. Audrey Mini

Our fabulous Audrey dress couldn't be more precious in a mini version! Featuring a romantic semi-sweetheart corset, it can be adorned with a detachable bolero with sleeves for added versatility. Crafted from organza fabric with creases, it ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to shine your brightest.

11. Fountana

Perfect and affordable - stunning Fountana organza dress for your special day! With its extra mini length and a sweetheart neckline, prepare to feel heavenly blessed. The creased corset paired with the lightweight lush skirt creates a mesmerizing combination that is both mind-blowing and elegant. 

Sheath & tea length wedding dresses 

Sheath dresses means that the dress is usually very skin tight, meanwhile tea length is a length somewhere between the midi (above ankles) and below the knees. These types of dresses or even a combination of these two styles are very comfortable, sexy and of course, stunning.  

 12. Lovisa

One of the brand new wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega is a glorious Lovisa dress. Gentle off-the-shoulder straps, skintight silhouette, straight across top with a very beautiful draping around the torso, this is just marvelous. Add a very sexy front leg slit and voila - one of the most romantic dresses is here and ready to be served. You can easily customize the length of this dress into a tea length or something else that you have in mind. 

13. Madlen

Madlen wedding dress is made for the most glamorous and sexy brides, this is truly something every diva would appreciate. Sexy and revealing decollete line, sweetheart top decorated with gentle off-the-shoulder thick straps, while the skirt is somewhere between midi and a teacup length. Sexy front leg slit and a royally shining glitter fabric will definitely make you feel on top of the world. 

14. Milli

Prepare to madly fall in love with our Milli wedding dress! Combinied sparkle, midi length, and wedding elegance, add plunging neckline,and become the star of the show. The encrusted top adds a touch of sophistication, making it a definite winner. 

15. Gemma

Combining different glitter fabrics, and you'll witness how heaven looks like. Gemma dress ensures you outshine even the brightest diamonds.The long sleeves and semi-sweetheart cutout add a touch of soft beauty, while the half-transparent illusion tulle lends an air of mystery. The sheath silhouette delicately twists the skirt around your waist, creating a charming midi-length look. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the 15 best mini and midi wedding dresses of an upcoming fall/winter bridal season. Remember to choose the dress that makes your heart beat faster, because once you love the dress, everybody else has no choice but to fall in love with it too. Be gorgeous and shine bright, our dear bride. 

Even more midi wedding dresses you can find here.

With Love, 

Olivia Bottega



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