Best Black Friday 2023 deals by Olivia Bottega
Best Black Friday 2023 deals by Olivia Bottega

Best Black Friday 2023 deals by Olivia Bottega

Since Black Friday with its hottest deals from Olivia Bottega is just around the corner, we gathered the best offers in this article, for you to know exactly what dress to get.

7 days only limited offer November 20-27, enjoy the crazy discounts of up to 30% this extended for you only Black Friday! 

We understand how important this is to get your dream dress on point ready well prior to your wedding day, and whether the time is ticking or you have plenty ahead, this Black Friday offer may just be exactly what you need. 

This happens only once a year, so it is a very wise choice to get your dress this Black Friday, with a huge discount and get to keep all the extra service you may want of any sort of customization. 

Here we gathered the best of the best wedding dresses with amazing hot deals only this Black Friday! Do not miss this lucky chance to get your dream wedding dress you have been fancying this whole time for an amazing price!

It was indeed hard to choose best out of best for this article, and it is safe to assume that every best dress is still the one the bride chooses with her heart.. Enjoy these beautiful listings of top-notch bridal gowns for your special occasion.

1. Tirion


Gorgeous and over the top beautiful convertible wedding dress that will give you more than one stunning look on your special day.  Gentle flowing fabric, long sleeves and a neckline that’s designed to kill. Amazing and romantic cascading train turns into a gorgeous scattering of shiny and glistening murals all over, and by a simple touch of hand, the extra shiny half transparent gown is changed into a very laconic satin spaghetti strap minimalist gown, because it is so convenient. Be the star at your own gathering, because you will definitely be the center of attention for quite some time. 

Become the true princess for the night of your dreams in this gorgeous and royal extra convertible wedding dress. There can be songs and poems written about the prettiness of this gown, however only by witnessing its beauty in real life can you actually appreciate its wholeness and uniqueness. Off-the-shoulder top and bishop sleeves, by a simple touch turn it into a semi sweetheart draped corset, meanwhile the longest crepe skirt and a mind blowing front leg slit will stay, or you can detach the skirt and put on the very cute organza bow on your back. The way this dress is royal, gorgeous, feminine, and truly magical is hard to describe indeed. 

Are you aware this dress may give you more than 9 total looks? Or even more if you add your vision to it. Let us know how it plays out! You can always customize any dress of your choice into being more YOU. 

3. Heist

This minimalist yet shiny  work of art will absolutely inspire every bride who appreciates comfort and cherishes her sense of style. Silverish shade of the sparkly dress, with a spaghetti strap corset line and an a-line silhouette of the skirt in floor length is truly inspiring. And only imagine wearing this absolutely unique gown on your most romantic night, especially with a nice discount for the dress, is going to be a perfect tribute to your dreams and a very deep connection you share with your beloved. 

 This dress is definitely going to make any bride that wears it absolutely happy. Detachable skirt and Mikado fabric can change the gown from a princess lush one into a subtle mermaid one, however the silverish shade and gloriousness are going to stay indefinitely. Gentle and romantic off-the-shoulder twisted top decorates your collarbones so naturally, it truly is a masterpiece. 

5. Cameron

Gorgeous and stylish, inspired by the most romantic vibes ever, this delicate midi gown is a true gem. Off-the-shoulder twisted top is gently decorated with a shiny silver pearly shade midi length skirt, with adorable creases around the waistline, turning your body into an hourglass work of art. Hypnotizing corset on the back and a very rich looking fabric are definitely to keep, enjoy this beautiful choice on your wedding day. 

6. Enn

Classic, shiny and pretty, what else are you looking for in a bridal gown? Gorgeous cascades of diamonds-looking beads and sequins, charming and unusual like snow at the beach, this dress is a masterpiece of love and style combined. Nice skin-tight skirt covered with lace and billions of shimmers is definitely going to blow you away, considering a very nice discount that will make the price even more affordable! Hurry up to get a nice deal this time of year. Deep plunging neckline and thick lace straps are so pretty, they’re definitely made to keep. 

Charming fairy-tale Melanie wedding dress with an off-the-shoulder shiny twisted manner and a nice sparkly overall design is definitely the one you'd want to wear on your special day. Luxurious shiny tulle skirt will move you to cloud 9 to enjoy all the happiness and admiration from your guests, once they witness you walking down the aisle in this perfect shimmering gown. Emphasize your inner goddess by choosing this truly magical and magnetic gown. Any dress from our store can be added by literally any details of your liking, changed in size and customized after your unique measurements. 


Gorgeous and stunning Ester wedding dress is definitely a great romantic option for your wedding. Mikado baseline of the whole dress in plus-size, that looks like silver lava, plunging neckline and long sleeves, added by open back and luxurious princess cut skirt with a gentle silky train. Plunging the neckline in a deep V cutout is very sexy and adorable. The price is also going to surprise you, get the most luxurious fabric your skin will love to touch, you are so worthy of it.

9. Cardi

Cardi wedding dress is a dress made for the IT girl. Stylish and over the top shiny as a pearly river, this exclusive design will be the one to gather and attract all the attention on your day. Off-the-shoulder top and yards of flowing organza turn this magic of the dress into a vessel of love and style. Gorgeous front leg slit and a perfect a-line with a glorious train, this is truly something.

Simple yet stunning wedding dress Miranda will definitely make you feel in a lavender haze vibe all day and night long. Long sleeves and a catchy front leg slit, adorned with a rhinestone belt and shimmer all over for you to make the whole room bedazzled. Gentle V-neck and a very romantic mood is guaranteed to be your best charm on your wedding day.  

11. Lovisa

Get ready to be carried away with shimmering and glistening the perfect wedding gown Lovisa will bring to you on your special occasion. Amazing and huge discount will definitely fire up the amber of your desire to own this masterpiece. Gentle sheath silhouette and a sexy front leg slit look especially gorgeous once you wear it with your eyes full of love and your beloved standing right beside you.


Olivia Bottega is also going wild with discounts for all the accessories of your liking. Get the amazing detachable sleeve set for a very low price, and just like that you’ll have several dresses ready for your glorious night. These sleeves will transform any dress you’ve chosen into a next level decoration within a second, amazing, right?

13. Jackets and Cardigans

Bridal cardigan С214 - oliviabottega

We have a wide selection of the most glorious Jackets and Cardigans for your big day, warmer, stylish, convenient and so on. Anything you'd like to choose, is already thought of. Cashmere, wool... what do you fancy the most? 

14. Earrings and Hairpins

Wedding Earrings WaterfellaWedding Earrings Waterfella

You can always find the best-matching hairpin or an earring set for your big day! Just make sure to browse this section properly because you never know what exactly you are looking for until you see it!

There are just so many good deals offered below for you to enjoy. Do not hesitate to get a few dresses or sets of accessories because prices like that were never available at Olivia Bottega before.

Designed for you only, these two days of wilderness are definitely made for you to enjoy the greatest deals of the year as you finally get your ‘happy ever after’ in the very perfect gown. Black Friday only lasts for a few days, November 20th to 27th, so hurry up to not miss this chance of getting your favorite gown with a discount of up to 30%.  

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