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Gorgeous Black Wedding Dresses

Gorgeous Black Wedding Dresses

Once that truly wanted question is popped, your life changes drastically. Is it the hormones of happiness, maybe anxiety about an upcoming wedding, or perhaps you’re in love over heels and can’t keep thinking straight. No matter the source of your mood, the only fact is clear - you are getting married and you need to start choosing the dress asap. 

However, fashion is always changing, and if you feel that you want to look special on your wedding day, which is obvious, but you wish to add some spice into your look, we really recommend that you check out the biggest trend of the wedding fashion world - black wedding dress

Nowadays black isn’t the sad color anymore, it is definitely high fashion, stylish, abyss and timeless, fits everyone perfectly and will absolutely shock everyone but in the most positive way. Have you seen many brides wearing black? We have, and we say it looks stunning. At Olivia Bottega we never stop with experiments, and would love for you to be a part of our extravagant designer ideas. 

Below you will find a perfect collection of absolutely showstopping black wedding dresses. Please note that we can customize almost every dress into any color you wish, lately many brides ask for their dress of choice to be in black, are you interested yet?

This black wedding dress ship will never sail away, it is becoming more and more trendy with each bride, celebrity of Hollywood and so on. And even though we share infinite love for a perfect white bridal gown as a classic, perhaps the little back wedding dress is the new enigma that every bride should conquer. 

Black wedding dresses options are as endless as ivory ones, different silhouettes, fabrics, sparkles and layouts, anything you wish for can be brought to life by our creative team and your vision of your dream dress. Hop in, we are creating the future together. As Carrie Bradshaw said when her Mr. Big gave her a black diamond ring: ‘it has the color of my soul’, and she, as a trend setter, definitely knew the ropes.   

Let’s start our journey with a satin and midi length dress, shall we? 

This gorgeous gown will definitely fit the bride who isn’t afraid to risk it all in order to have it all. Classy sheath dresses in midi length will definitely make you look superior to any other bride out there, why? Just imagine how bold and unique you and your lover will look, he(them), clothed in a black suit and you, wearing this stunning gown. Spaghetti straps and a square neckline are a 2022 trend hands down, dress is made in a sheath manner, letting the skirt overlay each side and create this tulip-like skirt silhouette, therefore it will definitely brighten up all of your curves and bring all the attention to your bare arms, shoulders and a sexy back. 

Black Satin Evening Dress Kenzi

Next gem on our black wedding dress journey is definitely the Cameron midi dress made of perfectly black silky satin. Top of the dress is made in an off-the-shoulder manner, making you look like a very perfect vase, and very effortlessly you are in this desirable hourglass shape silhouette. The top is made in a crossed manner, kind of like holding your waist tight, and when mixed with a gently cascading down skirt, it creates the perfect storm, very beautiful indeed. Black color of the dress makes it really one of a kind wedding dress. 

Black Satin Midi Dress Cameron

Another super attractive way to show off your figure in a black and unusual wedding dress would be this one.  The top is fully covered in sparkles, held by elegant spaghetti straps, that add fragileness to the final look. The way the diamond in the rough top looks in contrast with the satin black skirt, which looks like magic lava cascading down your hips is absolutely glorious. Midi length will look extra delicate with any heights and heels, a perfect chance to show off your shoes, legs and sparkle all night long.

Satin Dress Fibi, Black Sparkly Dress Leona


Sexy sheath robe manner of the dress, will definitely sparkle up your eyes and shoulders by its tiny spaghetti straps, revealing your long legs and accentuating your waistline. Open back and twisted spaghetti straps decorate the back in the most beautiful way, the only thing left is a few clicks and you get your sexy, bold and one of a kind perfect bridal gown in the most elegant color of them all. 

This you can refer to as a perfect little black dress, only for weddings. Long sleeves and a plunging neckline add class and royal vibes to the energy in the room, because you just walked in. Teacup length will show off your legs when you dance around all night long, while romantic sparkling fabric catches every light ray to create this mirrorball effect. 

Sparkly Midi Evening Dress Ramona

Great way to add just some part of black to your wedding look is to mix black with some other color, like champagne, silver, lavender, beige, dark brown, red, or even golden. This sexy and stunning dress will do just fine for any type of wedding, strapless dress, semi-sweetheart top and a very playful mini black skirt. The skirt holds the babydoll shape effortlessly, while the top shines like a billion little stars, reflecting off your eyes and taking you on a very romantic and joyous trip. 

Short Satin Party Dress Coco

Whenever you’re getting married, black wedding dress will be a great choice for any type of weather and venue. It looks glorious and gorgeous at the same time, doesn’t require too much effort with accessories and will look amazing with some crazy hair bands or even black tulle. After all, it is your wedding and you are the queen here. We are sure that your chosen one will appreciate your unique sense of style and the dress of your choice, too. 

All Olivia Bottega dresses that can be made in black:



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