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5 dresses for your autumn wedding oliviabottega

5 The Most Beautiful Dresses For Your Autumn Wedding

Best styles for an autumn wedding

Ahead of the bright autumn season, which means the most picturesque time for wedding ceremonies. A riot of colors, the romance of nature and a comfortable temperature — what could be better for the most romantic wedding? For an autumn celebration, you should take into account the peculiarities of the weather, so for the Golden time you need to choose certain styles of dresses. What outfit to choose this season to feel comfortable and at the same time look stylish? We offer a selection of the five most stylish and best styles.

1. Closed wedding dresses

A closed outfit is the perfect choice for autumn. In this dress, you will definitely feel comfortable and warm, because the weather at this time is unpredictable. Closed models look stylish and at the same time protect from the cold. Thick fabric, long sleeves, closed back and top, and a long floor-length skirt — perfect autumn look.


The silhouette can be either traditional or more direct. It is better to refuse the "mermaid" cut and models with a train — they are definitely not suitable for slushy weather. But A-silhouette or a magnificent outfit in a closed form is very stylish and refined. You can play with the decor: either choose a laconic model in the style of minimalism without finishing, or a combination of textures, or original solutions in the form of non-standard spectacular sleeves.

Closed dresses will be a great solution for a Church wedding, a Muslim wedding, or for brides with a special shape or skin. In this outfit, you will definitely not freeze at a photo shoot in the autumn forest and at the same time look stylish.

2. Dress in the style boho or rustic


Bohemian style is perfect for an autumn wedding. Layering, draperies, a combination of different textures, original decor and a loose fit will perfectly fit into the autumn image. Complete this outfit with a wreath of flowers and berries, stylish boots and Bohemian jewelry — and a stylish image is ready.

Ethnics will look great in nature — so dresses in the style of boho or rustic just fit the picturesque bright forests of the autumn season. To look the most stylish and feel comfortable, pay attention to more loose or straight models, long skirts and delicate flared or airy sleeves — all this will give the image additional romance and tenderness.

3. Colored dresses


2 in 1 wedding dress Tirion

When else, if not in the brightest time to put on a bright outfit? Colored dresses are simply created for autumn ceremonies. A riot of colors and beckons to create a juicy original image. Autumn is the perfect time to abandon the traditional white and opt for pastel or bright shades.

Choose dresses in ivory, Golden and beige shades, pastel pink or peach — all these shades will be perfectly combined with the colors of nature and autumn bouquet. And if you want to add brightness, then you can choose a bold decision at all — put on a bright red, Burgundy or yellow dress, and just "merge" into the autumn landscapes.

4. Lace dresses


 Lace wedding dress Elizabett Deco

Lace is the most romantic material for a wedding dress. And it is perfect for creating a romantic autumn image. Lace dresses are versatile — they look good on all brides. The most spectacular models are made entirely of lace with long sleeves. But you can also play with a combination of textures: lace separately looks good in the finish on the back, in the neckline and sleeves. The bottom can be made of brocade, tulle or Royal satin. The silhouette is better to choose a traditional, lush or straight.

5. Dresses with sleeves


The sleeves in this season is the main trend of the whole Bridal fashion. And it is a sin not to use it in the most favorable period. They will not only be a convenient protection from the cold or rain, but also a stylish detail. Designers are calling for this season to rely on original long sleeves: transparent, textured, lace, with embroidery, with decor, applications, stones or rhinestones. Their shape does not lag behind — you can choose not just straight sleeves, but an interesting cut. For autumn, flared, airy with a narrow cuff at the hand, flowing and in the form of flounces will become relevant.

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