9 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns for the Spookiest & Romantic Halloween Ever – Olivia Bottega
9 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns for the Spookiest & Romantic Halloween Ever

9 Gorgeous Bridal Gowns for the Spookiest & Romantic Halloween Ever

Weddings and Halloween, what is the resemblance you may wonder. There is one thing that unites Halloween and weddings, and it is - being extra, being lush, being wild and over the top extravaganza. We gathered the most beautiful and freakishly gorgeous bridal gowns that will do great for both: an actual late October wedding celebration, or a crazy wild night on October 31st as a “Corpse Bride” ;) for example, and many more. 

Olivia Bottega offers beautiful and lushly extravagant wedding dresses that will do great at both types of scenarios, whether you love Halloween and decorate your own wedding in this theme, or if you’re getting married around the end of October too. Of course, there are just ways to style any wedding dress into an extremely powerful Halloween look that will be deadly beautiful. 

Let’s go down together to check out the fiercest wedding gowns of this upcoming Halloween that are just strike to kill right away.  

1. The Corpse Bride

Our first inspiration for both a Halloween look and a wedding look of Halloween theme is of course the Corpse Bride, and miss Havisham from the great expectation. These two dresses are alike in one thing - they are lush, truly princess-like and deadly pretty! 

Meryem wedding dress is astonishing and mesmerizing, truly. It may look way too pretty to be a Halloween costume, however it is very thematic to be on a day like this. Gorgeous long sleeves and extra luxurious long train with lush puffy skirt, this dress can be adorned with a very strong makeup game, or a wig as well. Decorated from the bottom to the top in lace murals and delicate shiny details, like beads and sequins, so charming and so gorgeous. Well, if you decide to get this perfect dramatic slash late era of romanticism gown, you are promised to gather all the amazed looks and be the one they all want to have a picture with. 

2. Morticia Addams

Inspired by an admirable woman of the iconic culture of all times - Morticia Addams. The dress is going to hold your body so tight and so sexy, that it will do good as both: actual evening dress and a halloween gown too. Goth and reminiscent of everything that is too good to be true, this dress is truly amazing. Gorgeous lace covers the whole body, revealing the decollette line charmingly. Also, you can customize the dress to be in another color, like say, black ;) You are guaranteed to blow everyone’s mind away! 

3. Cinderella dress 

Enough with spookiness, let’s jump to the opposite - Disney classics! Very inspiring and charming Cinderella dress can be with butterflies all over, some sort of modern sexy Cinderella even if you wish, with a plunging neckline and a very impressive train with scatterings of cute butterflies. Delicate and shiny cap sleeves, soft crepe and yards of tulle are going to look just fine whether you’re going on a Halloween celebration or having your own party. 

4. Rapunzel from the Tangled movie

Cute and easy to transform into anything you’d like, a dress that can be fit for any sort of wedding and also a great costume for a celebration - Mailey dress! Soft nude shade and gentle spaghetti straps look so romantic and with the right entourage dangerously pretty. Cute v-neck to place drops of fake blood, or sparkling tan all over the decollette  the choice is yours! This dress also sort of looks like Rapunzel from the Tangled movie, so there’s a straight lifehack for you on how to play this dress around! 

5. Marilyn Monroe

Of course no Halloween or a good wedding can happen without even a slight discussion of a romantic look inspired by Marilyn Monroe, and we of course have something just what you need right here. Beautiful midi Cameron dress in a gold champagne shade will be amazing at any sort of a Gatsby party, even an old Hollywood theme and even the haunted house one. And if you’re considering it to be your wedding dress, then this off-the-shoulder classic gown of satin is the right choice. Soft, beautiful, gorgeous and golden - everything for a very special bride.


6. Cruella

There is no Halloween if you’re not considering wearing a perfect red satin dress. Halter neckline, open arms and a straight silhouette, this dress screams right away - Cruella. Please promise you’ll spare the Dalmatians’ lives, while you enjoy your stunning look. Also, red is the new black for weddings, therefore choosing the red wedding dress right about Halloween to get married - gorgeously brilliant idea. 

7. Kardashians

Inspired by Kardashians actually, but why not get the dress that is reminiscent of one of the most influential women of our time? Light champagne shade of the dress’ corset that is covered in pixie dust, with a semi sweetheart cutout is so beautifully adorned with a black satin mini skirt. Feel your best sexy self whether it is at your unusual wedding or some wild Halloween gathering, you are promised to look stunning.  

8. the Maleficent

We couldn’t hold on to dreamy vibes for too long, our hearts are craving some bold and extravagant vibes instead. This dress will be a perfect example of how to be the Maleficent at your own wedding, or simply get a costume like that. Gorgeous black little dress in classic A-line will reveal your body parts in a sexy way, showing your shoulders and arms with an off-the-shoulder twist around the decollette line, truly dangerously pretty. 

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

And the never ending classic - the little black dress, inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s - Leona is a perfect way to have your wedding celebration and of course, to have an amazing party too. Just don't get confused where you’re headed to and choose the right accessories for your big night ;) Shiny fabrics, sheath silhouette and a front leg slit are destined to kill in the most fashionable way. 

Hopefully, your wedding will be fulfilled with all the Halloween fun if you’re willing to, and one of the dresses above inspired your heart to really go wild instead of going boring. If you were browsing through to get some Halloween’s look inspo, wedding dress is always a great way to celebrate this night without being scared away by any sort of jinx. 

Just listen to your heart when it comes to getting the right dress and do not worry about being too extra, this is what the life of a stunning and gorgeous woman should be about! 

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