14 Best Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses & Ball Gowns of 2024 by Oliv – Olivia Bottega
14 Best Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses & Ball Gowns of 2024 by Olivia Bottega

14 Best Princess-Inspired Wedding Dresses & Ball Gowns of 2024 by Olivia Bottega

2023 was a truly challenging year, however the wedding world only got stronger and more romantic than it ever was, because now every moment spent with one another and the loved ones is cherished like never before. 

Olivia Bottega always cherishes these moments too, and does everything to ensure that each and every bride gets her perfect happy ever after, in the most elegant and luxurious way. 

Since this vibe of forever and ever is quite dreamy and fairytale-like, below are gathered the most romantic dresses, inspired by princesses wedding dresses of the best motion pictures of all times. Stylish, deluxe, magical and full of love - these 14 best princess-inspired wedding dresses and ball gowns of 2024 by Olivia Bottega will absolutely melt your heart and help you find THE one and only bridal gown of your life. 

Princess-inspired wedding dress is an absolutely charming and luxurious way to enjoy your wedding on a new level. Below you will find top 14 wedding dresses in ball gown silhouettes to inspire your heart, and hopefully, among those, you’ll find the one. 

1. Meryem  This glorious and timelessly stylish wedding gown is definitely our favorite among the princess-inspired wedding dresses and ball gowns of 2024. Luxurious and relaxed fit will definitely keep you feeling royal and above the whole world. Gentle embroidery and laces all over the whole dress and wildly lush true ball gown silhouette is just hard to describe how gorgeous the dress is, just see it for yourself. But we can say one thing, Cinderella would have definitely lost it  

2. Protea

Protea wedding dress is definitely going to be chosen by Meg, from Hercules. Very Greek goddess like, this satin wedding dress is very royal and deluxe as well. Off-the-shoulder top line, silvery shade of the softest fabrics, wildly lush skirt to emphasize the ball gown silhouette and of course - lovely vibes of forever and ever. Big bonus - pockets in the skirt ;)


Priscilla wedding gown will definitely kill you with its looks. Everlasting lush train and mikado fabrics - a mix for all times. Gentle square neckline, thick straps and open arms - this dress will make you look as fragile as possible, a young beautiful princess finally getting her prince Charming to live happily ever after. Lush skirt and silvery shade - the dress looks like a pearl river with the moonlight reflecting off its surface. 

4. Batist

Batist bridal gown inspired by all the princess’s wedding dresses that ever was existing, is truly royal and magical too. Lush skirt that flourishes right after your waistline, with a rhinestone belt is mesmerizing. The whole top is covered in illusion tulle, with placed upon lacy details and beading, hand-placed embroidery also follows all over the skirt and train too. Overall, this dress is so stunning, you might get a shine-struck by just looking at it. 

Does this dress need introduction? We don’t think so, but we absolutely will say a few words about this work of art. The 2 in 1 convertible wedding dress is completely encrusted with lace, rhinestones, beading and illusion tulle. While the plunging neckline is doing its job of making you feel feminine and sexy, the shiny glittery skirt will add magic and joy to your mood. This dress will impress anyone anywhere, that is guaranteed. 

6. Elmi

Lace ball gown Elmi is a true work of art. Beautiful and skintight lacy layout of the whole dress is truly mesmerizing and adorable. The whole dress is decorated in fleur-de-lis motifs of lace elements, with beads and crystals all over. Semi sweetheart top line and gentle thich off-the-shoulder type of straps are just the cherry on top to finish the whole look to let it slay and inspire everyone who witnesses this gorgeous shiny ball gown. 

7. Audrey 

Audrey wedding dress is made of matte organza, to make you look like the most gentle flower petal. Get blown away with its magnetic touch, when the dress is actually 5 in 1 convertible style, meaning you will get 5 looks just for one night, isn’t it dreamy. Glorious train and a very cute bow on the back is definitely inspired by the best wedding dresses we have ever seen in all the movies about princesses. Cuffed bishop sleeves add romantic and delicate vibes to this royally brilliant dress. 

8. Nuria

This pretty and adorable wedding dress is going to be the very best choice for any bride who wishes to look really dreamy. Lacy and over the top luxurious from head to toe, this gown is going to absolutely melt your heart with love and faith in miracles. Half transparent long sleeves and a straight across top line, open shoulders and a beautiful long train, so classy and very dreamy.  

Satin wedding dress Seiliny will be a great fit for a plus size gorgeous bride, open shoulders and arms, dense corset line to make sure that decollete line is mind blowing. Long lush skirt of a full length is added by a charming train, so gorgeous and royal, literally. Shining like you’re holding the moonlight right in your palms, creases around the waistline make that statement even more dramatic about you being the real princess here. 

10. Airis


We think it is a great deal when one dress comes as an offer of being two dresses together. This beautiful gown with a detachable skirt is going to blow your mind away. Naked back effect with an illusion tulle and a beautiful row of buttons, enlaced and embroidered corset as well as the whole dress. It can be easily transformed from a sexy skin tight mermaid gown into a lush gorgeous royal princess one, and we are so here for it. 

11. `Celia

A true fairytale dress - CeliaMesmerising flowery lace that gently scatters all over the corset looks unbelievable, and the dress looks like it has been fully dipped into the pixie dust with a rhinestone rainbow. Easy to detach, the straps add extra glamour to the final look - whether worn up or down. 

12. `Charlotte


Beautiful and stunning Charlotte wedding dress for the most sophisticated bride. Plunging neckline transforms into an off-the-shoulder top, however the narrow sleeves are still there. Gorgeous scattering or lace mosaic covers the dress in the most fashionable manner, making it look so beautiful. Inner shining from beneath the skirt is absolutely magical and truly princess-like, we only suggest for you to not get too carried away into the dreamland of fairy tales. 

13. `Elizabett Deco

In the best fashion of the Sleeping Beauty princess, yes, we are sure that Aurora herself would have loved this dress definitely, powder gown Elizabett Deco is made for our most romantic and pretty brides. The way this dress is beautiful is indescribable, off-the-shoulder long sleeves, where lace and tulle are intertwined magically, gorgeous scattering of lace around the lush shiny skirt is truly holding that feeling of you being in a fairytale of your own love story. Cute elements as a satin waist belt is absolutely worth it to be one of the most romantic wedding dresses ever made. 

14. Baily

And the very last but never the least, amazing princess and royally deluxe bridal gown for your utmost joy. Sexy plunging neckline with cute transparent cap sleeves, gorgeous voluminous skirt made of tulle is carefully adorned with cute butterflies that will surround you so romantically on your magical night. Big dress for a beautiful bride, it is so worth it to feel like a real life princess on a day like this. 

You are never too grown up to dream with a child’s hope, and Olivia Bottega is very happy to make sure that all of your dreams come true, in the most dreamy and fashionable manner. Get yourself one of the wedding dresses above to feel like a real life princess, because it is your special day and you deserve all the miracles in the world to unite you and your lover for a perfect once upon a time story. 

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