Should A Bridesmaid’s Dress Match With The Bride’s Dress? – Olivia Bottega
Should A Bridesmaid’s Dress Match With The Bride’s Dress?

Should A Bridesmaid’s Dress Match With The Bride’s Dress?

It is always an utterly beautiful decision to make bridesmaid's dresses match, or follow up the tones of the wedding, and even both mixed together, or even if you have some other thoughts about why they should match, nevertheless nowadays more and more brides like to stray away from traditionally planned wedding into something more extravagant and unique.

Such a thing is - mismatching bridesmaid's dresses, have you ever heard about this? If you haven't - please enjoy reading our article and learn something very useful and very new!

There are a few ways to ‘mismatch’ dresses, the first thing you need to understand is whether the bride’s dress will have some of it’s motifs in bridesmaid's dresses. If so - then you shall make it as subtle as possible, to not let any attention slip from your look onto your bridesmaids, they should look beautiful, of course, but they should be enlightening your special day, and not to steal your thunder.

If you decide that your girls will be wearing something not matching your ‘THE bride's’ dress, then here are some useful tips on what to do next…

After you decide on mismatching your bridesmaids, you can choose what option you would like to do the best.

Option A - Different dresses but in the same color.

Wow, chic, brilliant, looks very expensive and thought through… Let us show you some of the example

This is a very bold choice for the bride who wants her wedding day to be absolutely remembered by guests for years. Also, if you let your girlfriends pick their own dress shapes, hemlines, decor, it will make them feel more unique and confident, because some of them may afford different price range items and have different body shapes, so let them decide, but let them know in advance what color is going to be acceptable.

Leona dress / Zarina dress

For example, our Leona dress has the same color as our Zarina dress, two beautiful but very different dresses… or you can always ask for it to be made custom colored, or your bridesmaids can ;)

Option B - Same color family, but absolutely different dresses.

For example, the theme of your wedding is green, gold and brown. So you can ask your bridesmaids to buy dresses of these colors, or go with let’s say green… So they can choose cold green, dark green, warm green, emerald, etc options are unlimited. Is also a very wonderful way to brighten up the evening and all the pictures would look stunning.

Ramona dress, Molli dress, Soul dress

For example you can go from the champagne white midi off-shoulder extra sparkly dress Soul, mix it with a beautiful lavender shaded satin dress Molli with a sexy slit and add some dark grey ish chocolate Ramona midi dress with long see-through sleeves.

Option C - Same bridesmaid’s dresses but in different colors.

If this is what you’ll decide for your bridesmaids to wear, then be sure that all of the pictures will be absolutely gorgeous, all of the guests will appreciate the effort and everyone will remember how beautiful the wedding was. Here are some examples:

Marry dress in red / Marry dress in Beige Ash

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