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Having 2 Or More Wedding Dresses For One Wedding? Absolutely Yes!

Having 2 Or More Wedding Dresses For One Wedding? Absolutely Yes!

Modern brides nowadays are all about having the traditions transformed into something more convenient or something very extra, and we love it. As the time changes, or seasons, so does each bride have a more and more individual look on her wedding and doesn't want a stereotyped celebration. And one of the greatest ways to do so - is to have not one, but two or even more wedding dresses. Meanwhile some may think that this is too much, we think to keep your horizon wide, and here are a few reasons why. 

Theory of three dresses

It is very trendy now to have an “I do” dress, then have a reception gown and last but not least - an afterparty dress. And all of it makes sense, for example the dress to say your vows in can be lush and luxurious, added by a long long train and veil, like a true princess, because it is simply every little girl's dream. But it may not be as convenient for a following reception, where you can choose something just as extraordinary but maybe a shorter train, to look great at all of the pictures and be able to move around without somebody else's help. And finally, you can even go for a midi dress at your afterparty, to enjoy wild dancing and not to be worried about spilling something or getting twisted inside of a long train. 

#1 - I do dress

#2 - Reception dress

#2 - Afterparty dress

If you have a limited budget but would like to have a few dresses, we have a very wide choice of 2 in 1 dresses, when you can wear them together or separately, that can become a three wedding dress option, too.


Dress Tirion by Olivia Bottega

 For example our Tirion dress can be worn on your I do’s part and reception like a 2 piece, and for the afterparty you can remove the see-through cape and party hard in a satin gown. 

Dress Vailet by Olivia Bottega

And who knows, wear the transparent cape afterwards in your hotel suite :)

Or you can also pay attention to our Bettany dress where you can wear it with an attachable skirt for the ceremonial parts, and rock later in a crepe skin tight dress. 

Dress Bettany by Olivia Bottega

Another money-saving or smart-investing option, you can choose which one fits you better, is a detachable sleeve dress. If you haven't seen our best sellers, take a look asap. We have absolutely stunning designs, that whether you attach or detach sleeves the dresses would look like they have nothing in common, like absolutely 2 different gowns and it is a very smart choice! 

Dress Hope by Olivia Bottega

For example, our gorgeous Hope dress can be worn with and without puffy sleeves on your special day, and who will be able to tell whether this is one and the same dress? Nobody, we promise! 

Or you can also check our magical Heist dress

Dress Sparkle wedding dress Heist

because not only sleeves can be attached and vice versa, the sleeves are floating like a cape, so if you decide to remove them, everyone will think that you have put on a new dress!

And also you can check our detachable sleeves page, and choose them separately, we have a very generous choice range, or even customize your dress of choice, we can do that too! 

Detach a skirt? Easy peasy

Another way to create 2 wedding dresses - to have a detachable skirt or even detachable train! Yes, just think about all the time and stress you’d save if you go with one of these options. And the best part about it - that in every transformation the dress would look stunning - that's a fact! 

Dress Li305 by Olivia Bottega

you can go for minimalist look or even for an absolutely royal and lush theme 

Dress OB7962 by Olivia Bottega

Whatever option you fancy the most - doesn't really matter. Whether you can afford 2 or more dresses, or a dress with a twist, we promise, in our gowns you will be the shiniest and the most gorgeous bride, because each and every piece we created with a huge amount of love and thorough accent to the smallest details. You can always ask us for any advice and we'd be happy to help you or recommend something! Enjoy yourself and be the prettiest bride ever.

хoxo Olivia Bottega wedding dresses

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