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Bridal Lingerie Ideas For Your Special Day

Bridal Lingerie Ideas For Your Special Day


So it is very real now, you’re about to get married and the wedding is just around the corner, every detail is planned – starting with the wedding's flower tones up to canapés. But have you thought about your bridal lingerie? It doesn’t matter if you’re here last second before the reception or 2 years ahead from now, or maybe you just feel like buying luxurious lingerie and here for some advice… We got you, girl!

There are tons of different choices, for every body type, for every wedding dress etc., we are here to show you some of our trendy favorites and help you not to get lost in various choices!

Whether you aim for a sexy look, bold look, romantic or subtle, we say there is no limitation at all – do what you feel like. So here are some tips to simplify your choice and help you to decide!  

Eskada by Rara Avis

 Most of our dresses offer an input bra, for example or a very deep decollete, or even an open back, like our

Blum dress

Or our Lace off-the-shoulders dress Airis

In that case you don’t need to choose a bra. But if a dress doesn’t have any of those things, then here are some ideas:

1) Bandeau bralette or a strapless bra

Would look best with dresses with no straps and open shoulders. Can be lacy, see-through, with patterns. Very convenient choice because it won’t be seen under your gown.

 Bandeau bralette by FashionNova / a strapless bra by Chicgrl 

2) Classic set lace lingerie

You can give your fancy to the nude, white, soft pink or something in between these colors. Usually wedding dresses are made out of dense fabric, so that underwear won’t be seen. We say you may take a look at panties with a high waist and a bra that fits you in just the right size. You can add a garter belt and a pair of matching lace stockings, as well as to match with your bridal garter on your leg. So sexy

 Wedding lingerie Adalin by Rara Avis

Wedding lingerie Polly by Rara Avis

3. Bodysuit

Is a very delicate and sexy choice, can also repeat the dress motifs, or not. Choose silk, lace or even beading, it will be so sexy when after the receptions he gets to take off your dress, and enjoy all the views.

   Bodysuit Hilda by Rara Avis

Bodysuit Tanie by Rara Avis

4. Corset

Corset underwear would look nice under a silky or satin crepe dress, because your body would look like a literal hourglass and keep you tight but classy when you’re most nervous. And it looks stunning omg

Corset white by Rara Avis 

5. Chemise

Is a sort of a dress, quite short to not limit your body movements and very romantic too. You can wear it under your dress or even separately, once you get into a hotel room, to get all the vibes going. Check out some gossip girl episodes, Blair Waldorf loves to wear these. 

Chemise Tviko by Rara Avis

Chemise Fataym by Rara Avis

6. Robe

Is a really fancy choice. Can be silky, with feathers, pearls, buttons etc., you can wear it commando, with stockings, or even sticker pads, your significant other would be stunned. But of course it wouldn’t be the right choice to wear under the dress, so we say save it for the honeymoon, or the first night together as a husband and wife.

Robe Listar

Robe Paskaly by Rara Avis

7. Kimono dress

We say you can change into it after the reception, for a romantic night with candles by a fireplace, or whatever you have planned. Wear it on top or any lingerie’s or on your naked body they would love to take that thing off after taking a very précised look

Ingrid by Rara Avis

Dolores by Rara Avis

Life hack: if you go for a 2 in 1 dress, most of our items are with a see-through cape that goes on top, so you can simply change into that on top of your lingerie… they would be stunned

2 in 1 wedding dress Tirion by Olivia Bottega

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