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Choosing A Perfect Wedding Dress Online

Choosing A Perfect Wedding Dress Online

After the COVID-19 pandemic the world had changed, probably by 180 degrees or even more. A lot of routine and usual things are now not so safe anymore, as well as some things that you may have never liked - is the new normal. Such as online shopping. Some may say that they prefer to shop for things offline, to see the fabrics etc, but now we think that a bigger half of our world appreciates the perks of buying things online, and who said that wedding dress cannot be as successfully purchased via a website? Exactly, probably the one who never tried it before! And we’re here to clean the air on that topic! 

First of all you need to plan everything ahead: wedding budget, color theme, general theme, venue, we’re sure many other things as well! Once you decide on your budget, you can see how much you’re willing to spend on your dress and on your look in total, shoes, makeup, nails… Note that usually wedding dress takes about 6-8 weeks to be done, and the shipment may take up to 10-11 business days. That gives you around 3 month prior, and to not to be too worried, we say put an extra month just in case. 

*We do not recommend shopping for a dress right after your engagement, especially if the wedding planning has not even started yet, because it may take a fair long of a time - a year, two years, and by the time your wedding is happening, the dress you’ve chosen may not be as stylish anymore. 

So choosing a dress online is a great idea, because usually all the websites already have the different styles separated, so you won't be too confused and won’t feel ashamed if you don’t know some of them. Yes, sometimes when you go to the offline store and have no idea how to describe the dress you're looking for, it is embarrassing! We carefully separated all dresses by themes for you, or you can click to browse all of them at the same time, if you’re not sure what dress you might like more! 

Olivia Bottega 

After you’ve all set on the silhouette you like the most, you can go deeper into choosing what features you’d want to see. Sparkles, sequins, beads, lace, tulle, soft look, bold look, sexy look, princess ball gown, off-shoulders, all of them? And there's no shame in that! You can take your time and nobody will rush you or roll their eyes on your decisions. 

Once you settle your mind on what the dress should and should not have, you can continue browsing in a selected area, we are sure that out of the wide range of dresses we have, will for sure tattoo the one and only dress in your heart. After you’ve chosen the dress that you like the most, you can imagine or maybe even print out the picture - what venue would it be looking good in, what heels would go with it, what hairdo, and if every little detail that is important for you, then congratulations, the only thing left is to purchase

Miranda Dress       Audrey Dress       Blum Dress

If you still feel not sure whether the dress would look nice or that it is the right choice, then maybe it would be a good idea to go to some offline store and find something similar: silhouette, corset, train length. But once again, there is no actual need for that, because all of our dresses are absolutely customized to your body only, so of course they would look just stunning! 

Meryem Dress

Ramona Dress

Evry Wedding Jumpsuit

After you’ve purchased the dress we will be in contact with you for any possible questions: we’ll need your exact measurements, to craft the dress just right for you, we’ll need your detailed desires if you’ll need some customization, too. We can make any dress just like the picture, or add some absolutely unique and extra details: detachable sleeves, detachable skirt, detachable train, or even make the veil absolutely similar to your dress… Literally, as far as your imagination can go. And we’re sure that a real money and time saving way to buy your perfect dress! 

Udjin Dress

Audrey Dress

Hope Dress

We are always looking forward to making each and every bride feel absolutely unique and one of a kind, so if there is anything you’d like to change/add to any of the dresses, it is very easy to do so. No offline shop with already made up dresses can usually offer that kind of service, that’s why it is a very great idea to buy your perfect and rare dress online! 

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