Top 11 Wedding Dresses of the Season for an Absolutely Romantic Weddin – Olivia Bottega
Top 11 Wedding Dresses of the Season for an Absolutely Romantic Wedding

Top 11 Wedding Dresses of the Season for an Absolutely Romantic Wedding

Excited to get hitched quite soon? As soon as the pandemic quiets down and masks are slowly becoming an option, rather than a must, it is a very fascinating feeling, to finally be free to breathe and of course rock your best looks and makeup. We have organized a special selection for our dear brides of the most fashionista and romantic wedding dresses, to make sure that your 2022 wedding is everything you have been dreaming of. This collection by Olivia Bottega will not only spark joy in your heart, but will make every attendee believe in true love as well.

Bliss and flamboyant – are the leading genre for the upcoming season, and we made sure that the dresses presented definitely reflect perfectly everything that a bride needs. Let us take you on a journey of the state where this love will make you levitate, whether it is the love in your heart for your beloved, or a deep connection to your inner goddess when you wear your perfect bridal dress.

This season everything is about joy, playfulness, freedom and hope, and so our dresses definitely emphasize these emotions through fabrics as well. You can never get bored of romantic silhouettes as of a-lines and off-the shoulders will absolutely spark up your spirit. Best fabrics quality and top tier designs are going to play off on your perfect day just fine, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Uniqueness and fashion style are our top priority, and we can never rest until we are sure that just enough sparkles and creases are added to the skirt. Feel light, feel young, feel on top of the world in our light as a feather and sexy stunning wedding dresses collection. Light up a desire in your beloved to witness you wearing a masterpiece, and absolutely appreciate later on taking it off ;) Romance and extravaganza join in hand by hand at our newest wedding dresses collection.

So, buckle up and dive in with us into a world of beauty, love and liberty. Be careful, do not get lost down the rabbit hole of wild choices, just make sure to follow your heart desires and you won’t miss.

Wedding Dress Audrey

Starting with a perfect customization dream Audrey dress will save you up to 5 different looks, adorned by a very light coral shadowed organza and a very unique bowtie on the very back of your waist, this dress will make you float down the aisle and definitely keep their heart beat faster. Pay attention this season to an off-the-shoulder looks or open shoulders and a back, when the semi-sweetheart corset is definitely what you need. Flamboyant train will scatter behind you like a dreamy fairytale that you have created.  

Wedding Dress Miranda

Mirada dress epitomizes romance in every aspect, capturing the essence of love with its exquisite design. Delicately crafted with glittering details, it embodies elegance and charm, creating an enchanting vibe that is simply irresistible. The relaxed V-neckline and subtly sheer sleeves evoke a sense of charm with its barely puffed shoulders and captivating front slit skirt. 


Ball Gown Priscilla

To not to leave our elegant side of the brides we added a glorious Priscilla dress to the collection, to make sure that Mikado will rock this season, because there is nothing more charming than a bride with a lush ball gown skirt, that glistens like a river full of pearls, that is poured into a very impressive train. 


Dress Jacqueline With Detachable Skirt

Another way to play around with Mikado dress is very well represented in our Jacqueline dress. Off-the-shoulder thick sleeves, tiny waist, lush detachable skirt will crease around your body and fall into a very luxurious train. And once you’re ready to detach this glorious detail, you will find yourself wearing a perfect mermaid gown with a twisted top, put in a perfect bow on the back, looking like a fine glass of champagne and shining just like the bubbly.

Floral Lace Wedding Dress Blum

Free yourself from a classic gown idea by choosing a Blum dress, that is blooming like the first flowers after winter, reminding us that life is full of surprises and the right ones are definitely worth the wait. Gentle floral applique scatters throughout the whole dress, dancing with sparkles from underneath.

Sparkly Wedding Dress Feilin 

Feilin dress - an ethereal charm that will sweep you off your feet. A wedding dress adorned with a mesmerizing scattering of shiny beads that will leave you breathless. Its regal A-line silhouette flows gracefully, with a satin-like gown draping elegantly over your figure. The open back and delicate spaghetti straps, adorned with pearly buttons, add a touch of sophistication to the look.

Do not forget about the mini and midi dresses this season, as for you we have something special stored right here, a semi-sweetheart corset with playful shoulder sleeves, lush skirt and fully dipped in sparkle dust is a very romantic and absolutely astonishing way to feel shiny.

Short Sparkly Wedding Dress Milana

Milana dress is all about romance with its playful and flirtatious design. The sweetheart-shaped corset, adorned with thick straps that can be worn on or off the shoulders, creates a captivating silhouette. The open back with a boat neckline adds a charming and mesmerizing touch. The short skirt crafted from light and airy tulle accentuates your figure, while layers of delicate fabric allow for effortless movement and twirling in this mini lenght. 

Floral Lace Wedding Dress Altsoba

You should wear this romantic Altsoba dress because it combines alluring elements with luxurious details for a truly enchanting look. The seductive front leg slit adds a touch of glam, while the luxurious tulle skirt creates a dreamy silhouette. Glittering accents peek from beneath the skirt, adding a touch of sparkle to your bridal fashion.  luster, then look no further—this dress is the perfect choice for you.

Floral Lace Tulle Wedding Dress Yoki with Detachable Straps

You should go for this Yoki dress to your romantic wedding because it offers a very beautiful customization. It's the ultimate convertible wedding dress, allowing you to detach or add straps to create your own unique look. The dress features a floral fantasy design with a luscious tulle skirt. The cascading flowers add a romantic touch to the final look, while the gorgeous train subtly and wondrously cascades, enhancing the overall beauty of the dress. 

Wedding Dress Acerola with Leg Slit

This Acerola dress embodies romance in every detail. The off-the-shoulder neckline shows elegance, elevating you to the cloud 9. The voluminous silhouette adds a touch of regal sophistication, while the creased fabric delicately enhances the feminine silhouette, accentuating curves in all the right places. The long lushier skirt, complete with a front leg slit, adds a dreamy vibe to your look.

Sparkle Tulle Wedding Dress Serenity

Indulge in the sheer beauty and elegance of Serenity romantic dress, a sight to behold like none other. Its intricate details are sure to captivate your heart. The straight-across lace bodice, delicately semi-see-through, broadcasts a sense of mystique. Paired with a tulle lightweight skirt boasting a front leg slit, this combination is truly groundbreaking, pushing the boundaries of traditional design. 

Do not forget about customization options we have prepared for you in our Co-Order & Save section, and our gorgeous accessories section, too. For example, take a look at these detachable sleeves

Detachable Satin Sleeves Arianna

Unusually sexy and inspiring satin detachable sleeves will absolutely add romance and playfulness to your wedding look, and by an easy touch from an elegant dress of your choice, your dress will be having puffy elegant satin sleeves and make you feel like no other.

And the best thing is…

Our beautiful selection takes us on a journey of our life, to enjoy and love is an anthem of this season and you should go for it. We hope you see what we see too, every dress is a masterpiece that deserves to be worn for your special day.

Coral shades, illusion tulle, detachable details on transformer dresses and classic Mikado designs will absolutely inspire your heart with your wedding look ideas and let you know that everything is possible. Like a sunny summer forest with fresh morning dew, or a romantic evening by the beach, the choice is yours.

From Olivia Bottega:

We are so excited to share the time of freedom with you, when the world comes back to life after a two year forever winter, the summer sun has come back and things that were taken for granted are now appreciated more than ever. We are inspired by our beautiful brides, and create more and more unique dresses for each and every one of you, just as we are hoping to have inspired you as well. Let us have this moment together, right here and now, because nothing else matters anymore. You deserved to have a perfect wedding of your dreams and let us be a part of your beautiful love union.

“Like a fresh shot of espresso and first morning sun rays knocking on your window, this collection has inspired us to live, to breathe with our full chests and enjoy this very moment, it is modern liberty and bliss” 

Anastasia, lead designer

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