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A Complete Guide to Wedding Veil Styles

A Complete Guide to Wedding Veil Styles

Wedding veil is something that finishes the whole look of the brides, like the last stitch and of course the desirable cherry on top. There are lots of styles, lengths, fabrics and other things to consider or choose from and of course we gathered all the information you’ll need to make a decision for choosing a perfect wedding veil in 2022. 

Lately bridal veils are becoming more and more popular again, we do believe that with just adding the veil to the dress the whole look from absolutely amazing can boost up in a heartbeat into forever glorious. There is no doubt absolutely that wedding veils are complementing each and every bride’s look, and it is truly romantic. If you doubt whether you’ll need a veil or not, read the article and decide that yes, I need one asap. 

There are bridal veil styles that will make you look royally sophisticated and, let's be honest, will not actually look good on a modern mini dress. As well as there are modern type veils that would not look great on a classic or minimalist gown. 

This perfect and effortless attribute of tradition is a must and of course we also create veils that would melt your heart with its beauty. 

There are so many types of veils, starting with a birdcage veil that is becoming a part of a hairdo, veils that cover the face, extra long veils and very cute and short nearly like the ones you’d wear to bachelorette parties. 

Short Wedding Veil Styles

A great example of a short wedding veil that would look quite nice with classic gown and with a more moder bridal wedding dress is our sparkly wedding veil.

Made of light tulle, this veil will cover your hair and arms, slightly reaching your hips at length. Very romantic and an optional for the bride who likes things minimalist yet wants to add extra dazzle into her day and of course this veil will do miracles. We can customize the length, but if you’re not sure what length it is you're looking for then this one is a great option for you.

Floor length Wedding Veil Styles

Despite the fact if you're wearing a mini or midi dress, or even a classic length gown, there are veils that would look good with all of them. For example our super soft tulle veil.

Floor length and just a simple tulle will make every bridal look finished. Because it doesn't have anything extra to it, the veil won't be stealing any attention from the bride’s dress, but simply and delicately state that you are the queen here. There's no need to add sparkles or applique if you're hesitant and do not wish for your veil to stay in the way of your dress, but still want to honor the tradition. 

Different Fabrics

If your dress is made of simple fabrics, like satin or crepe then this veil super sparkly and in floor length will do you fine justice.

Play with the difference of fabrics to create this hazy dazzling effect and to make sure that as you walk down the aisle towards your lover, sunrays will reflect off each sparkle on this airy tulle veil and create a beautiful kaleidoscope of love and romance. 

Veil with Decorations

And of course if you know you're willing to bring out the a-game then what you need is a veil with decorations, like our Nuria wedding veil. Soft tulle is decorated with hand placed lace and embroidery will absolutely complement simplest and even the most extravagant dresses with its super length and beautiful patterns. If you have lace on your dress as well then your whole look will look very finished and absolutely gorgeous.

If you've settled to get a veil but are still hesitant on length, materials, whether to include fabrics or not, we say it is really very hard to mess it up so just pick the Wedding Veil that clicks with your heart and be sure that you're going to look just stunning. 

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