From A-Line to Mermaid: Essential Guide to Dress Silhouettes – Olivia Bottega
From A-Line to Mermaid: Essential Guide to Dress Silhouettes

From A-Line to Mermaid: Essential Guide to Dress Silhouettes

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose a perfect wedding dress, let alone decide what is it you really want in all these kaleidoscopes of wild choices. There are so many different styles of wedding gowns and to help you to get acquainted with what it is you may be looking for is a pleasure for us, since we do know a thing or two about wedding dresses ;) Sit back and relax while we take you on a journey of essential guide to all wedding dresses there is. 

Far most acknowledged wedding dress that fits every body type without any doubt is an a-line silhouette. Tight top and flared skirt will cure if we can say so any ‘disadvantage’ you may be thinking about your body, but we also believe that every body type is beautiful. A-line wedding dress easily prolongs every silhouette and makes it look dreamy like that very much desired hourglass figure. If you have bigger upper part - choose dresses with long sleeves, if you have a waist you wish to hide or to masque then go for the dress with a lushier skirt and tighter corset. Yes, it is that simple. 

Shimmering Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Melanie

For example, a Melanie dress will fit the so-called pear type very well thanks to its off-the-shoulder top, while sparkles will add romance and uniqueness to your look. 

Mikado Wedding Dress Tviko

Meanwhile Tviko will fit those girls who wish to hide their upper part with long sleeves and make their waist look smaller with creases on mikado skirt, while dreamy lace will keep your look on flick. 

Another gem of the bridal world is a mermaid sihloiette or a trumpet wedding dress. These dresses usually look perfect on an hourglass figure, choose mermaid dress with an off the shoulder corset if you are willing to show every bit of your beautiful body, or long sleeves to add mystery and class to your look. But do not worry if you don’t have a ‘perfect’ Bella Hadid figure, because this dress will actually compliment everybody figure too, especially with the right fabric and decorations. 

Off-the-Shoulder Mermaid Wedding Dress OB7962

This lace mermaid gown will definitely make you feel on to of the world with its long train nd long sleeves will absolutely charm everyone who will see you on you beautiful day.

Mikado Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress Jacqueline

A very great option too, a convertible dress with an off the shoulder top, satin fabric looks very rich while detachable skirt can easily twist your proportions for the better, and if you remove the skirt the this perfect and dense fabric will definitely take the best care of the parts that you wish were covered just a little teensy bit. 

Next titan of the bridal world is a princess gown dress, or so called ball gown. This dress will look good on the so-called square body type, pear or even triangle one, and of course the hourglass. Lush skirts are very reminiscent of a true princess dress and so is the whole look. There are so many different options for the top - off the shoulder, semi sweetheart, long sleeves, puff sleeves and so on and so forth and with this dress you can definitely choose any of those above because this dress will definitely make a princess out of you. 

Mikado Wedding Dress Ester

For example this mikado gown will definitely complement each and every body type, long sleeves are adding style to our look, creased mikado skirt also balances out all the unevenness leaving you looking absolutely stunningly gorgeous. 

Shimmering Soft Tulle Wedding Dress Kerry

This options doesnt need a double introduction too, spaghetti straps add this fragile vibe to the dress, combined with a tulle skirt is a dreamy option truly that will definitely keep some hearts skipping a few beats. 

Swiss Dot Wedding Dress with Sleeves Dion

And the last but lot least is a very trendy sheath silhouette that works for every body figure too. This boho dress would absolutely keep you happy all night long, long puff sleeves combined with relaxed yet sheath shape is a perfect way to cover all the unnecessary parts but illuminizing the hourglass motive and of course truly romantic. 

2 in 1 Midi Wedding Dress Monika

This midi sheath dress is also a great one for those who like to feel best in their tiny dresses, satin fabric, very sexy front slit and straight cross strapless corset will definitely make you feel special and very powerful.

We also believe that it is very popular nowadays to not always choose the long train dress or a floor length, so please pay attention to all of the above silhouettes but in midi or tea lengths, and yes, even mini. Because basically each and every shape is still there, it is just the lights that differ. 

A-line shot dresss RamonaPrincess mini dress MilanaMidi sheath dress Emma

We are always available to help you to choose a perfect wedding gown of them all. We say it doesn't matter what your body type or a goal you wish to get with a dress, it is more about the feeling. Who the hell cares what silhouette you’re wearing when you’re glowing on the inside knowing that you chose the dress of your dreams and happy about it. Always listen to your heart first and then go and choose the perfect dress you wish to wear on your wedding. 

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