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Wheelchair-friendly wedding dresses

Wheelchair-friendly wedding dresses

If you are planning a wedding and have any sort of disability - Olivia Bottega offers fast and beautiful solutions. Whether you’re using a wheelchair or not, we have a very convenient customization service, to match any disabilities you may have. Keep on reading to see more options of beautiful dresses, even if you are a little bit more unique than others. 

  1. Midi and minimalist
  2. Mermaid and sheath
  3. Sparkly and ballgowns
  4. Detachable elements
  5. Classy A-lines

We offer easy and beautiful customizations available for any type of dress, you can easily add a front leg slit or make it higher, add or remove sleeves, add dense covers instead of illusion tulle, and so on. 

1. Short and midi



Lovisa bridal gown in midi length and glittery fabric will be a wheelchair-friendly option for the most delicate look. Off-the-shoulder straps and a sexy front leg slit will make it easy and comfortable to move around while shimmering and enjoy all the compliments. 


Monro gown in midi length will be a very beautiful choice for a bride with any sort of disability. Hold your head up and show them what you’re worth, shimmer absolutely stunningly and enjoy the comfort of the luxurious fabric, semi-sweetheart corset line, and beautiful murals. 


Cameron dress is a minimalist masterpiece. A twisted off-he-shuder top line is added by creasend around the waistline lush skirt, which will allow you a lot of comforts and will make you feel on top of the world. 

2. Mermaid and sheath

When it comes to mermaid and sheath silhouettes, we suggest choosing the dresses without the train or simply customizing them into shorter ones. However, stunning pictures are guaranteed. 


This pearly skintight dress will be perfect for your wedding. You can add a front leg slit, for example, and enjoy this skintight minimalist miracle for your best look. 


Gorgeous x2, that is our Jaqueline mermaid dress. This dress is a perfect accessible example, you can customize it any way you’d see fit, meanwhile, an off-the-shoulder line and a very nice pearly satin will do their job of keeping you happy and comfortable. 

3. Sparkly and ballgowns



Extra convertible Audrey dress will allow you to have at least 5 bridal looks on your special day. Wear the dress with a very convenient front leg slit for your best comfort, stunning looks, and a marvelously joyous mood. 


Do not hesitate to choose a glorious ball gown for your wedding if you want a wheelchair-friendly gown. A lush and luxurious mikado skirt with comfortable creases around the waistline will turn your evening into a magical gala where you are the center of attention, with an off-the-shoulder top and a lush skirt. 



Sexy and sparkly, Ella wedding dress with bishop transparent sleeves will be a great choice for your wedding. The front leg slit will allow you to feel sexy and bold while feeling very comfortable too. Enjoy the sparkling and feel your very best! 

4. Detachable elements

You can easily make any gown a transformer by adding a detachable element. Whether it is sleeves, bow, skirt, or any other accessory you may need to feel on top of the world on your special romantic day. 


Beautiful, sparkly, and a 2-in-1. The gorgeous Li305 dress will definitely surprise you with its beauty. Add a front leg slit or make the detachable skirt lusher - anything you want. And trust us, these spaghetti straps will add glorious chic to your look.  



This 2-in-1 gown is a perfect solution if you want more than 1 look for your wedding. The upper layer is a transparent tulle gown with sparkly and light-reflective elements, meanwhile, the base gown is a very glorious pearly white spaghetti strapped one. Wear it together or separately, you will look amazing. 

5. Classy A-lines


This elegant beautiful gown is also a very convenient option. Semi-transparent corset with an off-the-shoulder line is all twisted in a V-maze around our waistline, and then turned into a gentle organza a-line skirt. Wear it like that or customize it to your needs - you’ll feel super lovely. 


Chiffon beautiful dress with an off-the-shoulder top, a semi-sweetheart corset, and of course a front leg slit. We can customize the slit higher for you, or simply leave it like this. Wear this dress and you are promised to feel on top of the world.

Finding an accessible wedding dress is easier than you think. You can easily customize any of the dresses to your needs and till look super elegant, sexy, free, and very romantic. Find the perfect dress and let us know what kind of customization you may need and we’ll make sure you get the perfect dress. 

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