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Perfect looks for St. Valentine’s day

Perfect looks for St. Valentine’s day

Saint Valentine’s day is truly one of the most romantic and probably underappreciated holidays ever. Whether you have already met your better half or you’re single on this very romantic day, you are still allowed to look stunning and wear the best clothes to any sort of gathering you’re going to go to. 

We aren’t sure what your plan is exactly going to be, however, we have really shown stopping gowns for you to wear on this absolutely spectacular day. 

Olivia Bottega offers amazing bridal gowns, alongside beautiful formal dresses for any type of event. This article will show the best of the best looks to look perfect on St. Valentine’s day. Let’s roll with sparkly gowns!

1. Sparkle Dresses

1. Lovisa

One of the most romantic dresses Olivia Bottega has in store is going to be Lovisa. Not only is the name romantic, but the dress itself is just absolutely glorious. Dipped hard into sparkly glitters, the dress is offered in 3 basic colors, white, burning red, and black. You can choose any of those to feel yourself on top of the world, holding the hand of the one that you love, and truly feel stunning. 

Gentle off-the-shoulder straps and a draped corset will definitely surprise you when they make your body look glorious, as well as the relaxed yet tight skirt with a slit is going to add that spice to your look. Especially with that amazing detail as a huge sparkly bow on your back, that you can also wear on the side of the dress.
This gown is a 10 out of 10, especially in glorious ruby shade and in the onyx black.

2. Leona

If you were looking for something more revealing yet classy, do not miss out on this glorious fashion piece of Leona dress. Spaghetti strapped sheath miracle of gorgeous light brown shade is going to blow your mind away with the glistening and shimmering. The front leg slit will reveal your skin just the right amount for you to feel the prettiest in the room. 

This dress is a perfect option if you wish to wear something super modest yet shine bright. Djediz gown of nude shade, with long sleeves and a sexy slit is everything you need this special evening.


This perfect gown Zarina will blow your mind away, available in nude, red, black and ivory shades. These long sleeves and a show stopping plunging neckline will look good in every scenery.

Golden as the cupid’s arrows, Madonna gown is made with a tight corset and midi sheath skirt for your most fabulous self. And the shine, so lustrous.


2. Colorful dresses

We think you definitely should pay attention to the colorful dresses section, especially if you were looking for something less formal and more party vibes, then check out these glorious colorful dresses from the newest collection by Olivia Bottega. 

Offering amazing colors like bright orange, cool mint, electric indigo, bright pink, yellow and even white these dresses are ought to kill. 

6. Tofa 
Our favorite dress from this stunning collection for st. Valentine's day will definitely be the pink option. This dress looks stylish and is available in so many colors, such as Pink, Light Ivory, Mint, Bumblebee, Sapphire and even Lime. Mini-length and a straight skirt are going to make your body look as luxurious as never before.

Anrie dress is so unreal, it may actually give you a starstruck feeling. Made of Mikado and comes with a detachable bow to wear on the back or on the side, with cute ribbons fluttering behind like a playful train. Choose it in any color you fancy. Will it be pink, mit, or maybe lime?
Little fairy’s bright gown in indigo shade, what if we told you you can also have it in all the other shades we offer? Did you want it in yellow, or bright orange? Have it all!

3. Minimalist dresses

Next in line goes the minimalist dresses for your perfect St.Valentine's Day.


Don’t you worry, we won't forget about the little black dress. Kenzi, made of satin is the ultimate gown for any sort of event, spaghetti straps and sheath silhouette - just perfect.


4. Baby Doll Style

Baby doll dress is the perfect solution if you do not  know what to wear, and will look good in every scenery, from a restaurant up to a movie night.

Perfect armor for a fragile lady - this romantic sparkly gown will look extra gorgeous on a nice romantic dinner.
Nude and sparkly, the Rakel wedding dress is just what you need to wear for St. Valentine celebration, or even to your own wedding.


5. Best Сhoice

The last but not least, the best gowns for any sort of event by Olivia Bottega
Whether it is a rehearsal dinner, your anniversary, birthday celebration and so on, these dresses will fit like a charm.

12. Monro
Effortlessly cute and never boring, the evening dress covered in murals of sequins - this show no one will want to miss.


13. SOUL
If you do not yet have a soulmate, our soul dress will help you out. And If you do - one more reason to wear a stunning off-the-shoulder midi dress with a tulle skirt in dreamy shades.


There is a very convenient way to choose the dress of your dreams on Olivia Bottega's website, you can either browse by pictures or categories or set the filter to show you the dress you'd like to wear. Choosing and finding the perfect dress with us is so easy, considering all the customizations you can add. Do not take away from yourself the chance to look stunning, because you are so worth it. 

Choose any layout of the dress you like and any style, and enjoy all the eyes on you while wearing one of these beautiful gowns.

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