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48 products

Cinderella Bridal Gowns

Сinderella wedding dress is something very beautiful and very dear. Any bride that chooses cinderella wedding dress style at her wedding is absolutely going to blow everyone’s mind away with her high fashion sense and beauty. Cinderella wedding dress means that the dress looks very dreamy, sparkly and literally reminds of Cinderella’s ball dress. Full of sparkles and rich in different designs, different skirt lengths’ and so much more available at Olivia Bottega. Get yourself a deluxe wedding dress, whether it will be a diamond cinderella wedding dress or something more minimalist, yet still very playful. Expensive looking and gorgeous designs, scatterings of sequins and diamond belts, transparent sleeves with light reflective beads murals, flowery mosaic and fleur-de-lis 3d details placed on the dresses, so charming and dreamy, like a real life fairytale.
Cinderella ball gown wedding dress is a gorgeous opportunity to feel like a true princess, awaiting for the kiss of her Prince Charming. Add glass slippers to your look and we promise, the carriage won’t turn into a pumpkin by midnight, because these dresses are of the best quality fabrics ever. Shimmering tulle and short babydoll dresses to reveal your soft glamorous and shiny skin, this is so magnetic and effortless, like a magic forest, and you are the main diamond. A Disney Cinderella wedding dress will become the best decoration on your wedding, because you will be the one wearing it, and no whacked witch will stop you.
Cinderella inspired wedding dress is made exactly for you if you still believe in miracles, then let these glorious fabrics ad thousands of glitters help you to enjoy yourself all day and night long, whether you are at the beach, under the limelight, dancing in a charming hotel venue or at a cabin in the woods, any place you name - you are promised to look the fairest one of all.
Cinderella style wedding dress is definitely something you should consider wearing to your wedding, because there is simply nobody like you.
Olivia Bottega also has plus size Cinderella wedding dresses in store just for you, to make sure that every bride feels like a true magical and dreamy creation, because that is one of the most beautiful feelings of them all.


What is a Cinderella wedding dress?

Cinderella wedding dress is usually a very dreamy, fairytale-like and shimmering wedding dress. It is beautiful and inspired by a princess look.

Where to buy a Cinderella wedding dress?

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