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Convertible Wedding Dresses

Our transformer wedding dresses offer endless options for brides to create their perfect look. Detachable sleeves, trains, and skirts allow for various styles and moods on your special day. You can easily switch from a tight fit to a more regal appearance. Elevate your wedding with Olivia Bottega's unique, lovingly made 2 in 1 dresses.

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Coral Extra Convertible Wedding Dress Audrey (Basic dress + bolero + bow + detachable train)

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Aquamarine Wedding Dress Audrey

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Discover the Inspiration for Your Unique Convertible Style!

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This extra convertible organza look includes a sultry strapless mini dress, delicate long sleeved blouse, whimsical detachable skirt, and captivating bow with an alluring train.

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