NEW Pret-a-Porter Collection

8 products

8 products

A brand new limited edition of wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega. Rich fabric choices meeting with hand embroidery for every dress. Each dress is an exclusive item, without any customization options, because every dress is thought-through every little detail. But we still make each and every dress after the purchase exactly according to provided body measurements. 

This collection is made mostly out of convertible dresses - so that each and every bride can find a dress that will suit her perfectly, and have more than one look on your special day. 

We paid a lot of attention to all of the details, starting with detachable crinolines, buttons and rhinestones fitting every dress in it’s own way, lush skirts and so on and so forth, up to the point when any dress is very comfortable, despite all the layers and fits your body just right. 

Every bead, sequin and rhinestone was handpicked and placed, so that every dress features hand embroidery without the use of sewing machines. 

Dip into the most luxurious and royal style of dress hunting, with our Pret-a-Porter collection.