Slip Wedding Dresses

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13 products

Slip Wedding Dresses

Slip wedding dresses take its origin on a wordplay that sounds like sleep, meaning that slip wedding dresses are very simple. soft and very basic wardrobe type of design. Made mostly in white, ivory, beie, champagne or even black shades, these dresses can be worn to any type of wedding celebrations and then to a few social gatherings as well. Usually held by spaghetti straps these dresses look like liquid silverish pearly rivers, very delicate and flowy top, soft against the skin and marvelous to watch. Wide selection of slip wedding dresses created by Olivia Bottega for your best convenience, for you to feel and look your very best. Get yourself a perfect slip wedding dress for your wedding to be the most stylish and lavish bride. Slip wedding dress looks truly sexy and very delicate, and is going to be great at the romantic sunset beach or at the city hall, worn with open-toe stilettos. Simple silk wedding dress is a great way to enjoy your love union ceremony, witnessed by god and your dearest friends, very romantic.
Different layouts and designs, relaxed silky fit and even sheath silhouettes with revealing font leg slits will absolutely inspire you with possibilities. Get the dress that looks effortless like you’ve just put it on and arrived at your wedding, or get the one with long sleeves and billions of sparkles, that looks just right. Mikado, chifon, tulle, organza and so much more await you at the slip wedding dress collection page.


What is a slip wedding dress?

Slip wedding dress is mostly the type of dress that is very skin tight and made of fabrics similar to silk, look or feel like it. Slip dresses are usually very sexy.

Where to buy a slip wedding dress?

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