Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Invited to a wedding? Let us introduce you to our magnificent collection of the most fierce summer dresses for you to be the perfect guest at any wedding. Is your bestie getting married, your friend, acquaintance, relative, colleague? No matter the relationship status, we assure you that to look your very best is easy and effortless with Olivia Bottega. Different and unique designs of fierce evening dresses, will be a great addition to a formal wedding gathering or an outside wedding.

24 products

24 products

Summer Bridal Gowns For The Guest of The Wedding

Gorgeous sheath options in chocolate, silver and champagne shades, wonderful dresses that look like they were dipped into pixie dust, just for you to shine your brightest. Absolutely gorgeous silhouettes will emphasize the most feminine curves of your figure, whether it is a plunging neckline, halter top, spaghetti straps or even off-the-shoulder gown with detachable sleeves, you will look like you’re on top, because you are so worth it.

Be careful, try not to steal the bride’s thunder, however, we are 100% sure that every lady of the wedding will be dying to know where you get your perfect dress. Mini playful skirts and more formal floor length dresses, whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to look stunning. Black, pink, red and even gold, the list goes on and on, is there a special theme of the wedding? Let us know and we will think of ways to make the dress you liked fit more into the theme, it is very easy with us. Enjoy tulle, satin, glitter and sequins even if you are not the bride, you are surely to feel as marvelous and amazing as the dress of your choice. 


What is a summer dress for a wedding guest?

Summer wedding dress for a guest usually has to be bright and very light, to feel most comfortable. You can also always consider classic dresses.

Where to buy a perfect gown for a summer wedding?

You can browse the colorful selection of dresses here.