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18 Stunning Wedding Dresses for a Winter Celebration

18 Stunning Wedding Dresses for a Winter Celebration

The winter season approached faster than we expected and we are all here for it. Daydreaming in a modern fairytale, surrounded by the glisten of the first snow and favorite holidays is absolutely adored by everyone and as well by us. We gathered the best ideas for your winter fairytale coming true, so lean back and enjoy the visualization of this marvellous time. 

Winter wedding dresses can be as absolutely gorgeous and beautiful as any other season ones, any silhouette or shape you desire, and that coldish wind or snow will not get in the way. Of course the colder it is the more options for you are opening - shals, cardigans, even fur coats to help you get around and possibly save you from the cold feet too. 

Below are 18 wonderful dresses ideas for you to wear on your very own winterland joy day. 

1. Sparkly Wedding Dress Ella


A bride wearing the Ella dress is definitely deserving to be put on every fashion magazine cover. Long bishop transparent sleeves, sexy plunging neckline, open back and fully sparkly. Add a long train to the look and voila, you look gorgeous.

2. Royal Lace Off-The-Shoulder Sparkly Wedding Dress Meryem


Meryem dress looks truly royal, and is worthy to be worn by the most glorious bride there is. `will you dare to become one? Off-the-shoulder decollete, crazily lush skirt, extremely long train and sparkly 3d applique of beads and sequins, the way you will shine is going to be seen from space, no doubt.

3. Shiny A-line Wedding Dress Coral


Charming, unusual and inspiring wedding dress for the most unusual bride. Corset is reminiscent of a sea siren motif, gently cascades into a floor length sparkly skirt, this dress will charm you and everyone around you with its beauty.

4. Sparkly Ball Gown Batist


Royally gorgeous Batist wedding dress with long sleeves and sparkly murals all around. This mosaic is placed into an illusion tulle corset and sleeves creating this effect of naked skin, light-reflecting beads and beautiful 3d applique will absolutely sparkle up even the darkest corner of any room you walk into.

5. Shiny Midi Wedding & Evening Dress Rakel


Another way to celebrate your love union is this stunning and sexy mini wedding dress. This corset with transparent decoration around your waist, spaghetti straps and playful skirt will absolutely make you wanna dance all night and of course make your beloved feel proud of what kind of a rare gem they have chosen to be by their side forever and ever.

6. Glitter Mermaid Wedding Dress Lovisa with Leg Slit


Charming and elegant, sheath midi dress for the silver screen queen will definitely find its owner among luxurious and brave brides. Off-the-shoulder straps, straight across top with draped layout, sexy front leg slit and the cutest bow on the back ever, is there anything you have seen more sophisticated in this life?

7. Shimmering Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Melanie


Shimmering dress that was made to impress. Melanie will be a great choice for every season wedding, off-the-shoulder neckline, twisted around the waist, charming and elegant a-line silhouette and of course marvelous sparkling from a dip into a pixie dust. This dress isn’t made to impress, no, this dress is made to take it all and conquer the world.

8. Shiny Wedding Dress Bree with a High Front Slit

Front leg slits are always a great idea to make your wedding look unforgettable, Bree dress will do this job in the easiest way. Spaghetti straps always make the v-neck cutout look so much sexier, revealing fragile shoulders and collarbones. Sparkling fabric is very comfortable and nice to your body, so stunning.

9. A-line Lace Wedding Dress Enn with Long Sleeves

This gorgeous gown will absolutely keep you safe and warm, and what we mean by that is it will absolutely flatter your inner goddess and keep all eyes on you. This dress is with long sleeves of course, to not let any wind distract you from your lover. Poetic lace is absolutely romantic, combined with an a-silhouette is going to add dreamy vibes with every sparkle. 

10. 2 in 1 Crepe Wedding Dress Stourin

If you needed more boho vibes and not able to enjoy the beach wedding this time of the year, no need to worry - our stourin dress is a perfect match, Light as an air, double layered dress is made of a satin undergown and on top is a lace transparent tulle, creating this a-line and adding spakle. That v-neck and bateau illusion is to die for. 

11. 2 in 1 Wedding Dress Tirion

To be this beautiful of a dress is a true crime and we’re so glad we are a part of this! The dress inspired by icicles and looks like a perfect combination of style, early morning winter forest, pine trees are covered in snow, the air is fresh and this light breeze is taking you over as fire cracks the wood in the fireplace. Thesis is the vibe we get from this beautiful convertible dress, that you can absolutely wear on several occasions.

12. Sparkly Wedding Dress Miranda

Our most favorite sparkle collection dress, Miranda. Puff long sleeves, sparkly fabrics and grace are creating the most magnificent vibe. And you absolutely can afford to wear the decollete cut as this dress has on your winter wedding. 

13. 2 in 1 Lace Wedding Dress OB7962 with Detachable Skirt


We cannot imagine a winter wedding dress without it being a proper convertible one. Detachable skirt is an absolutely great idea - it adds warmth and at the same time the fabrics are breathy so you can handle the shivers pretty well. This off-the-shoulder top and princess gown shape, that easily turns into a sexy mermaid cut is breathtaking and very magical. 

14. A-line Mikado Wedding Dress Koussindy


Another stunning and absolutely mind blowing option is a crepe dress. Just look at these creases and lines, fine a-silhouette and cascade of glistening sparkles all over the top. Open back and a deep plunging neckline will make your day absolutely perfect and unforgettable. 

15. Midi Wedding Dress Ramona

Didn't you really think we’re not going to say a word about midi dress options on a winter wedding in 2024? Well okay, this is our favorite one. Plunging neckline covered with an illusion tulle, as well as the softest and lightweight tulle gently hugs the skirt, added by long transparent sleeves. This dress will make your day stylish and put-together, nevertheless keeping the fairytale in the moment with its shimmering upper part. 

16. Off-the-Shoulder Lace Ball Gown Nuria


Our Nuria gown was made for those who like to be extravagant and stylish, who are never settled with less and always go for more. We love that vibe, as the dress is radiant with sparkle and shine, what a rich view. Off-the-shoulder top lace is enlightened by glistening beading, in a perfect ball gown shape.

17. Beading Wedding Dress Feilin

For a plus-size option our favorite winter dress is feilin. Long sleeves, sequins bottom to the top, double layered tulle and a touch of magic, will make you feel like the main character as you should on your own wedding. We did put a lot of heart and soul into this gorgeous glow of never ending shine on a complementing a-line cut. 

18. Soft Tulle Wedding Dress Aviv 2


This charming gem will absolutely be a brilliant choice for your winter wedding. It is sparkly and glowing like a mountain top as the first rays of winter sun touches the peak. Plunging v-neck and long sleeves are dipped into diamond crushers and bling, gently cascading into an a-silhouette prolonging the gentle glow 

We love winter time and our love for winter weddings is endless. We are sure you enjoyed our wedding dresses for your 2024 winter wedding and will absolutely check more of our winter pics for you. We wish you a magical wedding and we are so happy to be a part of this journey.  


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