Plus Size Boho Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is never an easy task, considering all the upcoming events you need to go through, the list of preparation seems to be having no end at all, we know. But we do know for a fact, that if you decide and choose a boho wedding dress, then you, in other words, would just basically win a lottery.

20 products

20 products

Plus Size Boho Bridal Gowns

Plus size boho wedding dresses are the most romantic and chic way to celebrate your love union and enjoy all the marvelous pictures you will take on your special night, together. Boho wedding dresses are fulfilled with romance, joy, playfulness and charm. You can slay a boho wedding dress at any scenery that you’d like whether it is a fancy restaurant, quiet cabin in the woods or a romantic sunset beach with waves crushing as you say I do in the most romantic setting.

We have a very wide range of different plus size hippie wedding dresses - flying tulle, puff sleeves, deep v-necks or off-the-shoulder top combined with a straight across decollette, covered with sparkles or dipped in a diamond crust, options for boho style are endless, but they will never leave you unhappy.

Choose a bohemian plus size wedding dress for your special day, be flamboyant with luxury and enjoy the outdoor walk with your beloved and taking pictures out in the wild, or just get cozy and comfy together at the fireplace, listening to the wood crack.
Boho plus size bridal gowns are a perfect way to be able to dance all night long, choosing very simple and minimalist ideas for your hair, shoes and even accessories. Go for a long sleeve boho dress, or a sheer tulle instead, you will still look absolutely beautiful in our designer Olivia Bottega plus size bohemian chic wedding dresses.


What is a boho plus size wedding dress?

Boho plus size wedding dress is a type of gown made in bohemian style, reminiscent of a hippie vibe. Plus size is usually sizes that are out of standard size charts. 

Where to buy a bohemian wedding dress for a curvy bride?              

You can get your perfect bohemian plus size wedding dress by clicking the link here.