Jeweled Wedding Dresses

Jeweled wedding dresses are made for the brides who are absolutely aware of them being the very jewel, on their special day and in their daily life too. These dresses will inspire not only the bride wearing it, but every guest and of course, their beloved one too.   

25 products

25 products

Jeweled Bridal Gowns

Get the jeweled dress to feel like an ever-lovely jewel, as you deserve to. Look and feel like a true royalty, and let Cinderella feel envious of your perfect wedding dress, because you are so worthy of it. Different placements and designs of amazing wedding dresses decorated with jewels all over, or around the decollete, waistline, sleeves, back and so on, options are absolutely endless. Which dress is it you fell in love with? Now go and choose that one gown your heart desires, to make the whole room shimmer once you step down the aisle.


What is a jeweled wedding dress?

Jeweled wedding dress is decorated with rhinestones, beads and sequins, creating an effect of literal jewels covering the whole dress or some parts of it. 

Where to buy a wedding dress with jewelry?

You can get a bejeweled wedding dress on our website here