Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

196 products

196 products

Alternative Wedding Dresses

As the time flies and seasons change, the fashion world always upgrades too. Even 20 years ago no one would try non-traditional wedding dresses for their wedding, however those who did were looked upon weirdly. Nowadays this changes drastically, and more and more brides choose something besides white, besides full floor length, choose to not wear the veil and maybe even add some gloves.
After all, no one ever stated that the bride has to wear white only, and Olivia Bottega is excited to offer different styles and silhouettes for our non-traditional brides, such as even black and red wedding dresses. It is very beautiful to wear mini and midi wedding dresses, in gold shimmer, silvery shades, as far as your mind goes, these dresses will absolutely emphasize your beauty. Dense corsets and lush skirts, sexy revealing front leg slits and decollettes, or very modest long sleeved models of bridal gowns, all of these are easy to find and even customize after your wildest dreams here, at Olivia Bottega.

Unconventional Bridal Gowns

Choose the non-white wedding dress of your dreams easily, by clicking the non-traditional wedding dresses page. Gorgeous champagne shades will look outstanding in the golden hour at the beach, while black will look stunning under the limelights of some fancy hotel lobby, pearly and light reflective beads will charm up the room of some dreamy forest cabin or even some fancy restaurant. Just ask yourself this one little question: what does my heart want? And follow it shamelessly, do not be afraid to break the stigma and enjoy yourself in different colors. Pearls, diamonds, beads and even matte chiffon, all of these and so much more are here to make sure to match your heart like nothing else.
Imagine yourself wearing your dream gown and walk down the aisle, whether it is in a gorgeous cathedral or at a romantic city hall, you were destined to be the most beautiful bride, and we are so excited to ke sure this dream comes true effortlessly, gloriously and brings you everlasting feeling of inner joy in any of these wedding dresses alternatives.
Consider becoming a non-traditional bride by wearing one of these glorious alternative wedding dresses, and remember that you deserve the whole world.


What is a non-traditional wedding dress?

Nontraditional wedding dress means that it is far from being classic, such as black, red, beige and so on options.

Where to buy an alternative wedding dress?

You can get the perfect alternative style by clicking the link.