Zipper Wedding Dresses

Zip fastening on a bridal gown is a great way to substitute lace up and button up lines on the back or even sides of the dress. This is a very convenient and concealed way to celebrate your special day surrounded by fun and laughter, without the inconvenience a tight corset with a back lace up may bring. 

Plus Size Convertible Mermaid Princess A-line Ball Gown Off-The-Shoulder With Sleeves Sparkle Midi & Short Leg Slit Empire Waist Long sleeve Satin Minimalist

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98 products

Bridal gowns nip slip

All of our dresses are made of top quality fabrics, therefore if you choose a lace up or a zipper for your bridal gown, you will feel absolutely comfortable, but if you have set your eye to a concealed option - zipper is your helper for sure. 

Unlike a tight corset, zipper wedding dress with let’s say an off-the-shoulder straight across top may be a little bit loose at the top, and usually zipline wedding dresses are having a nip slip too, to secure you absolutely, without forcing the bride to wear a bra, and be able to move around as she wishes all day and night lng. 

Zipper wedding dresses can be of any style and design, different silhouette lines and definitely have varying length for a zip line. It can be placed on the back, but be very subtle so no one would notice it at all, or on the side under your arms, to make sure that the zipper wedding dress fits perfectly and does not interrupt your perfect mood. 

Zippers can be placed on any type of design and fabrics on a wedding dress, whether it is a dense satin, mikado or even soft lace. It can even be added to a wedding jumpsuit or a midi cocktail dress. 

Wearing a wedding dress with a zipper is definitely going to make it very easy and simple for you to put on a dress on your wedding day and take it off, added by a wedding dress niplple slip you can be sure to look gorgeous and feel flamboyant.