Wedding Dresses with Lace Top

Lace top wedding dress is going to absolutely blow your mind, as it is very romantic, girlie, dreamy and very sexy. Different layouts and choices for your perfect lace top wedding dress by Olivia Botega is very mesmerizing.   

38 products

38 products

Lace Top Bridal Gowns

Thousands of the top-notch beautiful wedding dresses that are designed for every body type and every mood the bride wishes to carry on her wedding day, whether the top is a semi-sweetheart, corset, spaghetti-strapped, off-the-shoulder one or with long transparent sleeves with a romantic lace covering all over. There is no limit to choosing the perfect lace top wedding dress, so get the one you truly desire.


What is a lace top wedding dress?

A lace-top wedding dress means that the top of the dress is covered in lace. It can be on the front or on the back of the corset, or around sleeves too.

Where to buy a bridal gown with a lace top?

Click here to get a bridal gown with a lace top.